KOTD World Domination 6 Playlist

Finally the Dunn D v Realiztic battle from KOTD World Domination 6 is available to watch on youtube. There were some great battles throughout the day. After watching the Dunn D battle, make sure too watch the PNut v Shotti P battle. KOTD World Domination 6 Playlist. Toronto, Canada 2016.


KOTD World Domination 6 Playlist

KOTD World Domination 6 Playlist 2016

Watch out for Dunn D in the UK for Don’t Flop’s biggest event of the year at their Birthday Battle Event.

Battle Rap has put together a review of the best performances from King of the Dot (KOTD) Word Domination 6ix. Dunn D features in their review. Top Moments KOTD WD 6 by Battle Rap. Check it out here.


Dunn D Recaps Realiztic Battle & Talks Oz Hip Hop

In this video by Rap Grid Dunn D Recaps Realiztic Battle & Talks Australian Hip Hop #WD6 2016. An interview featuring Dunn D at the King of the Dot Battles in Canada. Recapping the battle while making a few comments about the difference between the Australian Hip Hop Battle leagues and North America.

Dunn D Recaps Realiztic Battle KOTD WD#6

“Little interview I did with Heavy bagz from rap grid, right after my battle finished at WD6.”Dunn D

Dunn D Recaps Realiztic Battle king-of-the-dot-word-domination-6-dunn-d

KOTD will be releasing individual battles on youtube from September 12 2016 and will be releasing a new battle every few days to a week. The last battle to be released will be Dunn D v Realiztic on November 10 2016. More information on release dates for KOTD World Domination #6 Here. Make sure to subscribe to KOTD youtube channel here.



KOTD World Domination 6 Realiztic v Dunn D

KOTD Word Domination 6 will be held at 66 Sudbury, Toronto on August 26 & 27. If you are in the Toronto area, do yourself a favor and get along to see world class hip hop battles. Dunn D will be battling Realiztic along with several other match-ups including the title match Rone (Champion) vs Caustic (Challenger).

KOTD World Domination 6

KOTD World Domination 6 2016

#KOTD #WD6ix
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World Domination 6

99 Sudbury, Toronto

Aug 26-27

PPV on sale Aug 1st.World Domination 6 Match Ups

The ppv will start at 7pm est both days so

9am saturday 27th and sunday 28th Aug AEST Hobart/Melbourne time.

KOTD World Domination 6 PPV 30usd 9am AEST Aug 27th 28th





Dunn D up early so be watching from 9am

Realiztic v Dunn D

Rone (Champion) vs Caustic (Challenger)
Charron vs Bonnie Godiva
Arcane vs Chilla Jones
Pat Stay vs Serius Jones
The Saurus vs Tumi
Pnut vs Shotti P
Iron Solomon vs Charlie Clips
100 Bulletz vs Real Deal


“You heard it right peeps. Making my King Of The Dot debut at World Domination 6 at the end of the month.

Definitely the biggest battle I have done. So I won’t be taking this shit lightly.

And I promise to all my friends, fam and supporters, that I will do you all proud.

Big ups to Organik for putting me on.

Let’s get it in!”

Dunn D

KOTD World Domination 6 Poster



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