World Domination 6ix Youtube Release Schedule

After a successful King of the Dot World Domination 6ix in Canada, videos of each match ups will be released as scheduled. World Domination 6ix Youtube Release Schedule.

World Domination 6ix Youtube Release Schedule

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Release Dates

Rone v Caustic September 12 2016

Iron Solomon v Charlie Clips September 19 2016

Head Ice v Big T September 26 2016

Charron v Bonnie Godiva October 3 2016

Pnut v Shotti P October 6 2016

Arsonal v Cortez October 10 2016

Aftershock v Madflex October 13 2016

Pat Stay v Serius Jones October 17 2016

Real Deal v 100 Bulletz October 20 2016

The Saurus v Tumi October 24 2016

Illipsis v Quill October 27 2016

Arcane v Chilla Jones October 31 2016

Sketch Menace v Unanymous November 3 2016

Realiztic v Dunn D November 10 2016

World Domination 6ix Youtube Release Schedule

KOTD World Domination 6 Realiztic v Dunn D

KOTD Word Domination 6 will be held at 66 Sudbury, Toronto on August 26 & 27. If you are in the Toronto area, do yourself a favor and get along to see world class hip hop battles. Dunn D will be battling Realiztic along with several other match-ups including the title match Rone (Champion) vs Caustic (Challenger).

KOTD World Domination 6

KOTD World Domination 6 2016

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World Domination 6

99 Sudbury, Toronto

Aug 26-27

PPV on sale Aug 1st.World Domination 6 Match Ups

The ppv will start at 7pm est both days so

9am saturday 27th and sunday 28th Aug AEST Hobart/Melbourne time.

KOTD World Domination 6 PPV 30usd 9am AEST Aug 27th 28th





Dunn D up early so be watching from 9am

Realiztic v Dunn D

Rone (Champion) vs Caustic (Challenger)
Charron vs Bonnie Godiva
Arcane vs Chilla Jones
Pat Stay vs Serius Jones
The Saurus vs Tumi
Pnut vs Shotti P
Iron Solomon vs Charlie Clips
100 Bulletz vs Real Deal


“You heard it right peeps. Making my King Of The Dot debut at World Domination 6 at the end of the month.

Definitely the biggest battle I have done. So I won’t be taking this shit lightly.

And I promise to all my friends, fam and supporters, that I will do you all proud.

Big ups to Organik for putting me on.

Let’s get it in!”

Dunn D

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