Tazmania Fan Review

TazmaniaThe event kicked off around 3 o’clock and after half an hour of chatting and plenty of cigarettes the first battle, Pre-Phikz vs Remarcable (which was moved up to the main card from the LBL card held before the event a couple days before), started. Remarcable won the coin toss and decided to go first (cause he’s a G!!!), after a barrage of bars he then proceeded to break down Pre-Phikz’s rapping style and his occupation and so forth, Pre-Phikz then went next and entered into beast mode delivering a heap of bars hitting on point and then went on to say how he is the best MC on Champion Records (a label they are both signed to) and how Remarcable peaked too early with his craft and timing on stepping into battling, this was a great kick off battle from two local dudes that got the opportunity on sheer coincidence.

We then got straight into the next battle and the first of four of the remaining TAS vs VIC battles, Mr Muller vs Rorshak, Muller went straight into Rorshak saying how he needs to differentiate himself from Skandal, his usual comedic/sharp approach but also added a more aggressive delivery into his bars and even slapped off Rorshak’s hat that drew a few “ooooohhhhhs” from the crowd, Rorshak came with his usual outrageous content that drew disgust-induced laughter from the crowd, there was a heckler in the crowd that could have thrown off Rorshak but it didn’t he then proceeded to say that Muller needed to get off the dick of certain rappers in Tassie and said he would be nowhere with rap if he left Tassie (I don’t agree with or endorse any material from any battles with the views of other battlers), this battle had an up and down vibe but the crowd was satisfied by the end of the battle.

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