Top Moments KOTD WD 6 by Battle Rap

Battle Rap has put together a review of the best performances from King of the Dot (KOTD) Word Domination 6ix. Dunn D features in their review. Top Moments KOTD WD 6 by Battle Rap.

Top Moments KOTD WD 6

Top Moments KOTD WD 6 by Battle Rap

Being the first battle on an event the scale of World Domination is a tough task for anyone, let alone someone who just flew halfway across the world to battle in a league that they’ve never appeared on before. Dunn D did exactly that against Realiztic. The outcome was him having one of the most memorable performances of the weekend.


Taken from Battle Rap, click here to read more on Dunn D’s Battle and other top performances from the event.

Check out an interview with Dunn D just after his battle against Realiztic. He recaps on the battle and talks Australian Hip Hop Battle scene. Click here for the interview.

Every few days to a week KOTD WD 6ix will be releasing all the battles one at a time. Check out the release date schedule here. Copyright