Reloaded 2016 Dunn D v Shuffle T Battle Event

Reloaded 2016 Dunn D Shuffle T Video

Melbourne Australia July 16 2016 Reloaded 2016. Hip Hop Battle with International guests.

Reloaded 2016 Dunn D v Shuffle T

Reloaded 2016 Dunn D v Shuffle T Battle Event

“I can only speak as someone involved in this battle but I’ve got to say I think Dunn had an incredible performance. He’s probably one of the most comfortable people on stage I’ve seen. I’m not exaggerating. It was a pleasure to battle him. His ‘prison bully’ style approach is, again, just his natural demeanor coming through in his presence. I can see him performing in the UK and Canada soon and garnering a real global following. I think it was also one of my best performances. I did another concept round for the opening and tried to keep my stuff as fresh as I could. I’m really proud of this battle and hope everyone who watches it finds it difficult to pick who entertained them more.”

Shuffle T

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Dunn D v Shuffle T by Copasetic Soul Reloaded 2016 Drawing

Dunn D Omerta Reloaded 2016

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