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We caught up with the local tassie dope bloke DunnD and asked a few questions………



First things first how’s things and whats been doing recently? Busy as f#ck of late. Been working like a mad man, and writing and recording my new album in between that. Been hectic, but good hectic..

How’s the new album going? New album is going awesome. Just in the mastering stages at the moment, and looking at a March release date. It’s called ‘The Pelican L.P’. Got my homie DaVinci handling most of the production on this one, and his beats are next level. Definitely a step up from my last release, Really happy with the finished product.

How long have you been making music for? Been performing since back in high school, like 98/99- had some mates in a band, and ended up getting up with them and having a spit one day, and I wasn’t a complete shit cunt, so I stuck with it. Earned my rep in Tassie performing with my hip-hop band Unleash The Nugget, and that’s where I really learned my craft. Also was in Heads of State back in the day, which was my first taste of rapping over straight beats without a band. But been calling myself an actual rapper since probably 2002.

What made you want to rap? It was a natural progression. I loved music growing up and played guitar, but when I got to high school I met Gilly G (Guitarist in Unleash the nugget), who is a fucking amazing guitarist, and saw him play guitar, and thought I’m never going to be as good as him, so I jumped on the mic. I was already a massive hip-hop fan, and I got such a good response that I decided to stick with it.

What gigs can we catch you at? Next big confirmed one, is my battle against Promisques at 1 Outs in Melbourne on March 16th. But got my new album dropping in march, so should be doing a heap of gigs round the country to promote it. Keep an ear out.

Any highlights of last year? All 3 battles I did in Melbourne over the year were absolute pearlers. Also doing the support slots for Gza, and for Xzibit in Tassie were off the chain.

Anyone we should keep an eye out for? Manaz Ill. Dude is doing big things this year. He’s killing everything he touches at the moment.

What advice would you give to beginners who are just starting out? Work hard to become the best rapper you possibly can. Practice makes perfect and all that shit. The pen is your sword, gotta keep that shit sharp. Write raps regularly and don’t just settle for what’s easy .It’s a real hard game to get in to, but you only get out of it what you put in.

How did you first get into hip hop? Bout 9 years old and my older brother bought home the N.W.A Greatest hits CD. The rest as they say is history.

How often and for how long do you practice? Practicing usually involves catching up with my cohort(Greeley, mdusu), a few days before a gig, and doing a couple of run throughs of our set till we’re comfortable with it, then we’ll do a quick run-through the day of the gig after sound-check. Apart from that, writing tracks is practice in itself to becoming a better mc, so I try to pick up the pen at least once a week if not more and write bars.

What’s your favourite song? Cunninlynguists- 616 Rewind. Got that shit as my ringtone.

Whats your favourite venue to play at and why? Republic Bar & Cafe, in Hobart. My stompin. Grew up in the place, worked there, and played my first pub gig there. When that place is packed there is no other vibe like it. Literally, my home away from home.

Your favourite record? Depends what Mood I’m in. Cypress Hill- Black Sunday, Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Blood Sugar Sex Magic, Soundgarden- Superunknown, Nofx- The Decline, 2pac- Strictly for my N.I.G.G.A.Z. I got random as fuck taste in music..

What’s the best gig you have ever done and why? Opened up on the main stage at Falls Festival with my band Unleash The Nugget back in 2007. Had a gig on the night before it, so partied all night then rocked a set in front of a couple thousand people the next morning. Been some bigger crowds since then, but that was just a crazy experience.

What home-grown hip hop are you currently listening to at the moment. K-21, Trem, Jake Biz, Mr Grevis, Complete & Omac, Verbill, Manaz, Raven, Maundz, Fluent Form.

What advice can you give others? Stay in school, and don’t do drugs!  😉

What annoys you most about the scene at the moment? People get too caught up in the beefing and the bullshit that goes along with it, and forget that we’re in this game because it’s fun and we want to be in it. People should sort there problems out more, and talk about it on the internet less. Let the music speak and shut the fuck up..

Any Regrets? Nah, life’s too short for that shit.

Any shout outs? My Missus for putting up with all my shit. And all the fam and crew(you know who ya are cunts, too many to mention)

Here are a few questions regarding Dunn D’s battling.

What got you into battling? Originally I just loved freestyling, and the progression from that to battles over beats was pretty natural. And initially I  just used it as an opportunity to get myself known in the Local scene. There was fuck all going on hip-hop wise in Hobart, except once a month Mdusu & DJ Grotesque hosted the local battle night, so that was my start in it. Got myself a bit of a name doing it locally, but kind of lost the passion for it over the years. Then as far as the accapella battles, I’d been keeping up with them since the WRC’s, and Greeley eventually conned me in to doing one against him down at Tasbattles and I never looked back.

What’s your battle stats? 10 Wins- Greeley, Savij Tung(camera footage was lost) Tricksta, Cryptic, Aikers, Mr Virus, Rates, Mike Pipes(over beats), Devast8r, Cortext. 5 Losses- Fluence, Kerser, Planz,  Gabi & Lou Lou (2 on 2 with Fluence), Lethal

Your best battle and why? Probably either my battle with Lethal, or my battle with Devast8r. Both times had a really responsive crowd, and just had fun with it. Both are sick battles to watch back.

Your worst battle and why? Against Rates. Killed my 1st round, but choked hard in my 2nd and 3rd rounds, and just ended up doing some wack as fuck freestyles to fill time. Got the win, but I reckon Rates should have taken it.

What’s the best home grown battle you have seen and why? Greelz vs 60 was pretty crazy. Manaz vs Defron was insane. Also watching Okwerds do his thing against 60 was off the hook. Seen some crazy ones that never made it to camera though, like Mandle(RIP) destroying me and  Greeley at an after party at 5 in the morning. Shit was ludicrous!

What’s the worst home grown battle you have seen and why? Seen that many wack cringe worthy battles that it’s too hard to pick just one.

Best international battle and why?
Again, too many to pick just one. But probably Calicoe vs K-Shine, Quest Mcody & Marv Won vs Soul Khan & Dirtbag Dan, and Oshea vs Sensa, if I had to pick a top 3 at the moment.

Thanks mate,looking foward to this new album.



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