Greeley Battle Videos

Greeley is one of the most respected in the Australian Hip Hoop Battle Leagues. He has hosted several series spanning many years. Here is a collection of his battles of the years. Some are some of the best Australian Hip Hop battles that you can see. (Next to Dunn D Battles of course 🙂 ). So spend some time having a watch of these epic battles and you will be surely impressed. So do yourself a favour and start watching today. Greeley Battle Videos, Oz Hip Hop Battles.

Greeley Battle Videos

Grind Time Now GTN

Perth City Battles


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THCtv Tas Hip Hop Collective TV

Check out THCtv, Tasmanian Hip Hop TV. It is a collection of underground hip hop artist from around Australia. Greeley has been the driving force behind the series of videos. There is some serious talent of some great underground artist from around Australia. Make sure you check out THCtv today.

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