Dunn D – Where I’m From. New released track of Pelican LP

Here it is folks. ‘Where I’m From’, the 2nd single off my forthcoming album. Big ups to everyone who helped out. Have a geez and share it round if ya feelin it. Boooz cunts!

Crazy response to the new clip in the first day. Cheers to all the sick cunts that shared it, and what up to all you new cunts that liked the page. Hope ya all having a lovely biblical zombie Monday. Have the itunes link up for ‘Where I’m From’ in the next day or 2. Boooz! Dunn D

Over 2k in 2 days. Cheers to everyone who checked it out. Response has been dope. Some loving it some hating it. Each to their own, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I can tell ya that there is a pretty wide variety of styles on the album, so if this aint ya cup of tea don’t worry, plenty more shit to come. All the same big ups to all you cunts sharing it round and everyone involved in the making of the clip. Tip of the iceberg cunts. Stay tuned!

Dunn D Pelican Cover

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