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    New release album Phoenix out now! Available on iTunes or hard copy click the link
    Seasoned Tasmanian Oz Hip Hop rapper Dunn D started raising a few eyebrows as an MC in the live funk flavored, hip-hop band ‘Unleash The Nugget’ throughout early 2002.
    Since then the group have played alongside the likes of True Live, SS Pecker, Simon Wright and the Eclectic among others, and performed at music festivals such as Soundscape and Falls Festival. Contact Dunn D.
    The group have since released an EP by the name of ‘The Illustrated Guide to Rifles and Submachine Guns’.

    Dunn D

    Throughout the next couple of years, Dunn D began entering local hip hop battles, which saw him connecting with local hip hop artists. As well as writing and recording demo tracks which never saw the light of day until 2005.
    When Dunn D began performing and recording with a four man hip hop outfit named ‘Heads Of State’. Contact Dunn D.
    The group included Tasmanian hip hop veterans DJ Dameza, DJ Grotesque and Mdusu, who released a full length album in 2007 titled ‘Making the Best of What We’ve Got’. Contact Dunn D.
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