Phoenix Album 2020

Phoenix album by Dunn D has just been released as at 20 Feb 2020. Get your copy now from iTunes or get a hard copy through BigCartel or contact through the site on the contact page.

Phoenix Release and Beyond

Dunn D Phoenix Album Cover Available to Buy

Dunn D Phoenix

Excuse the long winded post, but just got a few things to get off my chest.

Firstly, I’m truely overwhelmed with the response to the Phoenix album release today.
And I thank each and everyone of you that has taken the time to check it out/share the links etc.

I never got in to making music to please other people, it has always been a creative outlet to express myself that makes me happy/keeps me sane. But it is a good feeling to get recognised for the work I have put in to it for nearly 2 decades now. I’ve poured way more money in to it than I’ve ever made, lost out on job opportunities, affected relationships and friendships and have had many times where I’ve questioned why the fuck I’m doing this and thought about pulling the pin.

A few months ago I got hit up by someone that was affiliated with Sony BMG that was interested in releasing my music. Long story short after showing my tracks to some executives, they said they weren’t interested in releasing my music because I didn’t have the right image and wasn’t ‘street’ enough and that’s the type of artist they wanted to sign(basically I wasn’t making drill music lol).
Was a bit of a kick in the guts when it happened, but everything happens for a reason.

Phoenix 2020

Guess what I’m trying to get at is money and marketing can’t buy the absolute loyalty and dedication that I have from my friends and fans that support me.

Phoenix was released out of my own pocket with a handful of my close friends and family helping to push the release on a grass roots level, and in less than 24 hours we’ve managed to smash the numbers of a bunch of big releases with corporate backing.

Cliche as it sounds, this is only the beginning of what’s to come from myself and the people I roll with in this music shit.

So from the bottom of my heart, I fuckin love all of you cunts and appreciate everything you do for me ❤️

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Dunn D Phoenix Album beating Hilltop Hoods and not far from Eminem in the Top 40 Hip Hop Albums 20 2 2020

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Real Talk Battles Presents Total Eclipse 2017

Real Talk are getting down some big names in the battle leagues for a show on Saturday 21st of January 2017. The show will be at New Globe Theatre, which is on 220 Brunswick St Brisbane. Some great match ups with some international talent to lead the way. Dunn D to battle Head Ice in the headline battle which should surely please the crowd, and watch out for Shotti P and Bonnie Godiva in their respective battles. Real Talk Battles Presents Total Eclipse 2017. Starts at 6pm.

The Video on demand is up, for the battle I did against Head I.C.E last weekend.

For 20 bucks you get to watch arguably the best battle I’ve ever done, plus 4 other sick battles from the night.

By purchasing it, it means you are directly supporting myself & Real Talk battle league, and investing in the future of this scene. By helping them create the funds to keep putting on match ups like I was part of last weekend.

Be a sick cunt, and support the culture.

Buy all battles for 30 days US$15 or each battle individually US$3.79. Click Here for the Pay Per View Rental.

Real Talk Battles Total Eclipse 2017

Real Talk Battles Presents Total Eclipse 2017

Real Talk Battles
Total Eclipse 2017

Main Event
Head Ice v Dunn D
New Globe Theatre
220 Brunswick St Brisbane
6pm – 12am

Match Ups:

Click Here For Real Talk fb Page

Real Talk Battles Total Eclipse 2017

Dont Flop 8 Birthday Weekend England 2016

Dunn D will be traveling to England for Dont Flop 8 Birthday Weekend England 2016 which will be on  17th & 18th November 2016 in London and 19th & 20th in Leeds England. Dunn D will be battling against Innuendo. Another match up that has been announced is Dialect v Lu Cipher so expect a weekend of quality Hip Hop Battles. Don’t Flop 8 Birthday Weekend.

Dont Flop 8 Birthday Weekend England 2016

Dont Flop 8 Birthday Weekend England 2016

More match ups to be announced. Pay Per View available for live view, or attend the event in person. Don’t Flop 8 Birthday Weekend should be an impressive line up so stay tuned.

Dont Flop 8 Birthday Weekend


World Domination 6ix Youtube Release Schedule

After a successful King of the Dot World Domination 6ix in Canada, videos of each match ups will be released as scheduled. World Domination 6ix Youtube Release Schedule.

World Domination 6ix Youtube Release Schedule

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Release Dates

Rone v Caustic September 12 2016

Iron Solomon v Charlie Clips September 19 2016

Head Ice v Big T September 26 2016

Charron v Bonnie Godiva October 3 2016

Pnut v Shotti P October 6 2016

Arsonal v Cortez October 10 2016

Aftershock v Madflex October 13 2016

Pat Stay v Serius Jones October 17 2016

Real Deal v 100 Bulletz October 20 2016

The Saurus v Tumi October 24 2016

Illipsis v Quill October 27 2016

Arcane v Chilla Jones October 31 2016

Sketch Menace v Unanymous November 3 2016

Realiztic v Dunn D November 10 2016

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